MotoPress Content Editor Review: Simple Visual Editor

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MotoPress WordPress Plugin Review
MotoPress is a drag and drop content editor specifically created for WordPress. The best thing about this simple yet powerful content editing plugin is that it works perfectly with any WordPress website. MotoPress Content editor can be used to stylize and structure your WordPress website content. Actually you can even call “MotoPress a page builder” as it allows you to easily structure the content of a page using a visual editor. MotoPress is the only WYSIWYG editor that I use to replace my default WordPress editor for my projects.

MotoPress was created in may 2013. Since then they have added many new and intuitive features to make the plugin more easier and useful. For example, the latest version that was released in December 2014, added options for Google Fonts and Predefined Layouts.

So today, I am going to talk about how the plugin works and how you can use it to build pages with a WordPress website (I mean any WordPress website).

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