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Trying to Serve YOU Better
Want to work with the BEST in Web Design? The guy behind the websites and sales funnels that generated over $10M? Ex-ClickFunnels expert who has over 9 years of website design experience?
My clients are building solid businesses, and I help them crush it.
My clients have a LOT to say about me:
❤️ “Very relaxed, professional, knowledgeable, and personable.”
❤️ “Your response to our website creation needs are amazingly quick and accurate! Your attention to detail and your ability to find and fix what most people don’t is top notch!“
❤️ ”I’ve seen a noticeable increase in the number of customers that I’ve been able to attract since I made the switch to his services.”
❤️ ”Akqshay Joshi is detailed oriented person which helped Sequentia in many manner. “
❤️ ”Akqshay joshi is a true entrepreneur and a very hard working person . He designed my website from a dull to lucrative look. He was there for me even at midnight to help me out in my business. Though Akqshay is very young, his passion for his work and his creative thinking ability will take him a long way. I wish him good luck and hope to do more business with him.”
❤️ ”From $4K to $11.3K within a week after implementing your web design conversion tips”
❤️ “Excellent work!Quickly responsive to questions.”
My clients are getting 3X-7X more appointments & contact form submits + faster sales.
Akqshay Joshi cannot help everybody, but we may be a great fit if you are thinking:
⚡️ “There’s millions on the line and I want the BEST”
⚡️ “I know how to run my business, but maybe I’m too close to it”
⚡️ “I’m NOT a web design expert, and I don’t have time to mess around with my website!”
⚡️ “The last website we did generated no results – I don’t want that EVER again”
⚡️ “Generate sales from the website 24×7”
⚡️ “I need a full website package that I KNOW 100% will tell our company’s story RIGHT”
Working with me, you will
✅ STOP STRUGGLING with a high converting website – we handle the DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, CONTENT, SALES FLOW, INTEGRATIONS
✅ Put your best foot forward for your ONE SHOT to impress your potential customers
✅ Get delivered TURNKEY, CONVERSION-READY, SEO-READY, FUTURE-PROOFED website that generates sales
✅ Learn how to use the same PRO-LEVEL SALES STRATEGIES that $500M+ founders use on their websites
✅ SAVE MONEY by getting high quality work the first time
✅ Work with an experienced full-stack team that REGULARLY WINS BUSINESS by building high converting websites and sales funnels
Not every business is my client, though – some signs we might not be a good fit include:
❌ The company has low budget for their only sales channel that works 24×7
❌ Rather than offering better services & products, just wants sales
❌ Looking for cheap work and discounts
❌ ”Respect for others” is not a core value (We love working with awesome people we respect)
I have built 1000s of websites and successfully scaled my clients’ businesses.
I’ve also been an entrepreneur, consultant, SaaS founder and digital marketer – and now I run our in-house sales automation agency. I know what it takes to generate highly converting websites that rank and bank.
Akqshay Joshi’s background in numbers:
✅ Authored 2 Books: Website Design Secrets for Local Business & SEO Silo Secrets
✅ Built 1000+ high converting websites and landing pages since 2013
✅ ranked hundreds of websites on Google and helped clients attract more leads organically
✅ written 2000+ blog posts
✅ served 7000+ customers since last 9+ years with 95% happiness & success rating combined
✅ generated $10M+ for my customers in the last few years
✅ 5+ years in customer success for Clickfunnels & Dash.fi
✅ VP of Growth at Karboncard – from 0 to 20+ users per week from their website
About my company, Xseven LLC:
INTEGRITY IN EXCELLENCE above all things: Excellent work, on time, every time. We only take on projects we are certain we can knock out of the park.
Our time is LIMITED: We work fast, but we have 50% Repeat Clients + 50% Referral + other inbound. We choose new clients carefully.
HERE’S WHAT WE LOOK FOR IN A NEW CLIENT: Open mind, relaxed attitude. Actions speak louder than words. Values integrity & relationships. Knows our minimum scope, and wants the BEST.
🇮🇳 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 Discount for military veterans, active service military, first responders, church, charity homes and working moms
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Expertise: Conversion Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Sales Automation, Copywriting, UI & UX Design, ClickFunnels, WordPress, GoHighLevel and Wix.

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A little bit more…

I am a Hubspot Inbound Certified Professional


Hubspot Inbound Certified Professional

and Woorank Certified Marketing Partner too.


Woorank Certified Marketing Partner

as a designer

Responsive Design
Logo Design
as a developer
as an SEO Expert
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Social Signals
Link Building
SEO Content
Local SEO
eCommerce SEO
as a Business Consultant
Sales Funnel
Strategic Business Plan
Customer Acquisition
Lead Nurture

Pictures of Akqshay Joshi

What is the age of Akqshay Joshi?

Akqshay Joshi is 30 years old

What is the height of Akqshay Joshi?

Akqshay is 6 ft tall

What is Akqshay Joshi known for?

Digital Marketing especially SEO and sales funnels.

How long have Akqshay been helping his clients?

Akqshay Joshi has been helping small to medium and corporate businesses succeed online since 2013

What services does Akqshay Joshi provide?

Akqshay Joshi offers services like Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Sales Funnels and Paid advertising.

What is the name of Akqshay Joshi’s marketing agency?

Xseven LLC is a digital marketing company founded by Akqshay Joshi