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google sniper 3.0 review
Review of: Akshay Joshi
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George Brown

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On March 19, 2015
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This review is for Google Sniper or simply Gsniper which is a course on making money online by leveraging existing search engine traffic and several affiliate programs.

Google Sniper 3.0 Review 2016 version

Should you buy GSniper or not? What is GSniper 3.0? and How it works? So If you’re searching for the best Google Sniper review especially Google Sniper 3.0 for it’s latest version in 2016, you’ve clicked the right link. You might have probably be thinking whether or not the Google Sniper is a good internet marketing program you can go with to learn from. The fact is that Google Sniper might possibly be a good program for you, but it also might not be. It all depends on some circumstances. By the way before reading this review on Google Sniper I would like to show you a video real quick that explains what exactly is Google sniper.

Internet marketing world can be really confusing which can actually discourage people who are just getting started or want to start with it. The very hard thing for newbies & beginners is actually to search for the right information and courses that works for sure, includes proven methods and is up to date. Instead, searching for “internet marketing programs” people end up with buying too many bad courses that are actually sold on the promise of making easy money with less work but don’t actually provide the buyers with any legitimate information.

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What is GSniper? & who created it?

google sniper 3.0

Google Sniper or simply Gsniper is a course on making money online by leveraging existing search engine traffic and several affiliate programs. By placing a small site between the customer (i.e. the searcher or Googler) and the product in question, the owner of the site can make a commission if a successful referral is completed. This is called affiliate marketing and is the strategy behind this program. The great thing I personally love about affiliate marketing is that there is no need to create a market rather the strategy basically relies on finding an existing market and tapping into it. This means promoting other’s product for a commission.

Now let me introduce you with the author & founder of this program real quick.  George Montagu Brown, the author of this program, is originally based in UK & got started with internet marketing in his early ages. In fact he started with affiliate marketing at the age of 17 and apparently succeeded doing it. George claims that he was a Clickbank bestseller for 4 times and that’s a huge number.

George also claims that this program is Making Up To $2,556.80 A DAY for him on Google sniper’s official site.

 Strategies Behind GSniper

As George Brown puts it in his course, all that one needs is traffic and conversions. That is exactly true. However, in order to achieve that, there are a few elements that absolutely need to be in place otherwise the whole system falls apart (especially for getting search engine traffic).

So what are the most basic elements that are required? We’ll look into how the course teaches these elements in another section but basically, what is needed is proper keyword research, on page website optimization and off page website optimization.

Keyword research

This is a very important part of any search engine marketing system because out of all the queries that users enter into the search engines, only a few actually have any commercial value (important for earning commissions). So, the sections on keyword research teach the users to find search terms that have commercial value, have a good amount of traffic and have sufficiently low amounts of competition. By targeting the right keywords, building the sites and getting the traffic is as easy as possible and the time required to do so is shortened dramatically. This is one of the points that Google Sniper gets right, although it could go a bit deeper in explaining how to find these keywords.

On-page optimization

It is said that ranking in the search engines is either easy or impossible. Proper keyword research plays a role in this but more than anything it’s the on-page SEO factors that will decide whether a site will rank or not. Therefore, the course goes over all of the intricate elements that a page (and a site) need in order to get rankings as easily as possible.

Off Page SEO

In the course, George talks about the fact that if the keyword research is done properly, that off page SEO is barely even necessary. While that is true, it is a little hard to find such keywords. It is possible to find keywords that will get you traffic without building backlinks but the good ones are extremely hard to find. The course doesn’t really acknowledge that and as such, gives you some overly simple strategies to get backlinks. The problem is, George’s backlink strategy could be improved and won’t help a site get ranked if the competition is a little stiffer.

What’s Included in Gsniper 3.0?

Chapter 1: Finding the right keywords

In this chapter, George Brown goes over how to find markets and keywords that follow specific criteria. He teaches how to find and evaluate whether or not a keyword will be profitable, how to evaluate its competition and how to know if there is enough traffic for it. The idea in this section is to show people how to find markets that have a good chance of making them money. The problem is that the criteria that he sets for keywords is so ridiculously strict that you’ll have a hard time actually finding keywords that fit them.

Chapter 2: Building the Google Sniper sites

In the second chapter, the basic elements required to build a site are exposed. He goes over how to select a good domain name, how to setup hosting and how to use WordPress as an easy way to setup a site in the least amount of time possible. This part he gets right but could go in a bit more depth for those who are absolute newbies or are technically challenged.

Chapter 3: Conversions and preselling

In this chapter, the concepts of conversions and preselling are explored. These are included before the content creation is started because they will impact how the articles are written. They cover many simple strategies required maximize the conversion rate of each site and make sure that once it gets traffic, it will make the most amount of money possible. This is the best part of the program which is not a surprise since if George Brown is good at anything, it’s selling stuff (even if that stuff is of questionable quality).

Chapter 4: On-page SEO

In the fourth chapter, the videos cover the essential on-page elements that an article needs to have if it has any hope of ranking and getting traffic. Concepts such as keyword density and latent semantic indexing (lsi) are explained. This section also goes over what WordPress plugins are needed as well as how to set them up properly.

Chapter 5: Setting up affiliate links

This is the shortest chapter of the program and goes into how to place the affiliate links throughout the site. It also goes over what is link cloaking and why it is important for these types of sites.

Chapter 6: Setting up the site

This section explains how the previous sections all tie in together and shows the technical side of implementation. It goes over how to add articles to the site and at what rate they need to be added. It also goes over concepts such as indexing and how they affect a site’s ability to rank quickly.

Chapter 7: Off-page SEO

In chapter seven, the Google Sniper 2.0 manual explains the concepts required to correctly optimize the off-page elements of a website. According to George, this will ultimately help it rank faster in the search engines and allows sites to leapfrog the competition and get those top ranking spots. It explains concepts such as pinging, bookmarking, sandboxing and also goes over the importance of youtube integration. However this section is truly the Achilles heel of the program. The backlinking strategy laid out is beyond weak and won’t even get the best of websites ranked if there is even minimal competition. This is where the entire program falls apart.

Chapter 8: Motivation and scaling up this business model

In the final section of the manual, George goes over strategies on how to effectively scale up this strategy by leveraging tools, services and outsourcing strategies. For anyone serious about attaining success, it’s true that this is essential because it allows to cut down on the time required to perform the more tedious tasks and focus on the ones that generate more revenue. These are the strategies that are crucial to attain an income level of 10000$ per month or more. However, it’s impossible to scale a business model that doesn’t work.

What are the downsides of the program?

The program is far from perfect in many respects. For example, finding keywords that adhere to the strict criteria laid out by George can be quite difficult and time consuming. What we mean here is that with so many people following this program, the keywords that have good commercial value, that have sufficient number of searches and that have low competition are few and far in between.

And this ties heavily into the off-page optimization portion of the course. In order to beat out competition, one needs to have a deeper understanding of backlinks and SEO in general. Google Sniper doesn’t really go too deep into that which severely limits the number of keywords one can target. It would have just been nice if they had gone into backlinking strategies a bit more to expand the scope of keywords that can legitimately be targeted.

On the other hand, savvy students will see this as an opportunity. Those who learn a bit more about backlinking strategies can add that to the strategies learned in Google Sniper 2.0 to easily outrank the competition. Other programs like Bring The Fresh (BTF) can teach you off page SEO strategies for markets with stronger competition, in addition to everything else needed to build money making websites. So really, if you’re a member of Bring The Fresh AND Google Sniper 3.0, you can really take over any keyword you want.

What’s Your Experience?

I would love to hear from you. What are your experiences with Google Sniper 3.0? Have you learned something and implemented it to generate great results.

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