How to remove data usage warning in android

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I have ASUS Zenfone 5 and from almost 2 days I was having a problem with the data usage limit notification. The data usage warning was there every time I see my notification bar. I was wondering on how can I disable this data usage warning from my Smartphone. I searched on Internet for the solution but didn’t found the perfect solution but android data usage warning won’t go away. And then finally I found the way to remove this data usage warning android notification from my android device.

Actually I know that I’ve already enabled the set data limit option in settings but now I am unable to find that option. This is because I didn’t enabled the mobile data, so make sure you enable mobile data before disabling data usage warning from notifications.

So what is the solution?

Here’s the step by step solution to disable & remove the data usage warning from android.

Please turn your mobile data on, in case it’s off. This step is essential, because unless you complete this step you won’t be able to see the set mobile data limit option in the settings.

android data usage warning won't go away set mobile data

Drag your notification bar and tap on the data usage limit notification.

Now you can see the “set mobile data limit” option and it is set.

set mobile data limit

Unset the “set mobile data limit” option

You can see the graph below the “set mobile data limit” option, tap the graph and move your finger upwards in order to increase the data limit.

set mobile data usage limit graph

“Sigh” you have removed the mobile data limit usage notification from notifications.

Hope this helps. Ask and share what problems you face while removing  “mobile data usage limit” in comments.

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23 Comments on “How to remove data usage warning in android”

  1. sir….
    i m agree & satisfy with ur answer…but i want to remov that red & yellow lines from my graph…..i mean it will never apear again….wt can i do??? kindly contact me

    tnanking you

    1. Well you might have some limit set for the data. The red and yellow lines only appears when you set a limit of data to be used. Yellow line is warning and Red one is the actual limit you’ve set. The solution to this problem would be to remove the data limit. Hope that helps.

    1. I’m glad this article helped you.

      Well, this is not an android blog but as it was irritating for me too, I thought why not just help others like me to get rid of that notification.

      Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  2. Thanks very problem solved in less that a minute after reading your instructions.Good day to you

  3. I’ve got unlimited data from my network provider. Therefore I really don’t this battery draining crap on my phone.

  4. Okay…but when I go to SETTINGS ->MORE->MOBILE NETWORKS ->PREFERRED MOBILE NETWORK ->3G…when I switch it 3G my SIM was automatically deactivated and when I switched it to 2G it came on …please help me…how can I fix this

  5. Thank you, it worked ! Just that in dual sim phone ( like mine) we have to raise the bar for both SIMs

  6. I have found the solution. set the mobile data limit maximum i.e. i have done it at 100 gb and the notification is gone. seem tricky but it works.

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