One-Page Analytics: How to analyze different section of a single page site

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One of Web Designer Pad reader asked my on LinkedIn that how can we analyze single page websites as there are no multiple pages on them. So here’s what I’ve came up with from blog. One-page website are the most popular trend in 2015. A website with only one page, usually divided into sections, so how can we keep an eye … Read More

Blogs I read

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Reading blogs helped me a lot when I started online back in 2011. Blogs can help you learn lots of new things, blogs can solve your problems and makes you more aware of the latest stuffs in your industry. I would recommend you should also read blogs that interests you. If you have something to share with the world you … Read More

How to remove data usage warning in android

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I have ASUS Zenfone 5 and from almost 2 days I was having a problem with the data usage limit notification. The data usage warning was there every time I see my notification bar. I was wondering on how can I disable this data usage warning from my Smartphone. I searched on Internet for the solution but didn’t found the … Read More