Long Tail Pro: A Keyword Research Software Review & Guide

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Long Tail Pro: A Keyword Research Software Review & Guide

Are you looking for a keyword research software that will save you ton of time and money? then you are at the right place. Introducing Long Tail Pro Platinum, a complete keyword research solution that comes in a form of software and will help you get the kind of results your business needs in order to succeed online. Are you in a little hurry?

What’s included?

  • What is Long Tail Pro? & Long Tail Pro Platinum
  • Who is Long Tail Pro for?
  • Key Features And Benefits
  • How to use it? LTP Tutorials
  • Long Tail Pro Pros & Cons
  • How much does this software costs?

What is Long Tail Pro? & Long Tail Pro Platinum

Long Tail Pro allows you to generate much more than 800 keywords using the data from the Google keyword tool.

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Long Tail Pro or simply LTP is a software product created by Spencer Haws who runs NichePursuits.com. He has been involved in Internet Marketing for over 4 years and has developed hundreds of long tail websites.

LTP was born in need of finding accurate and profitable long tail keywords to rank well in search engines. Haws has tried dozens of keyword tools and finally got frustrated enough with all of them to just create his own. Because he is so passionate about creating niche websites and because he actually understands why these keywords are so vitally important, he will continuously strive to make Long Tail Pro the most effective software on the market.

Who is Long Tail Pro for?

  • Newbies and Pros, anyone can use this tool and benefit from it.
  • Anyone who is struggling with keyword research and needs.
  • Who needs to save time and money spent on keyword research.
  • Anyone who wants to rank in search engines

Key Features And Benefits

  • Mouse hover “tooltips” for summary of options functionality
  • Quickly toggle between the setting and keyword page
  • Step by step instructional videos (easy to understand)
  • One-time payment for Long Tail Pro – no sneaky add-ons
  • This product is immediately downloadable after purchase
  • Free lifetime updates
  • “Wish list” requests for new features in future versions
  • Free access to the Long Tail Pro user community
  • Discover the long tail keywords that are generated from a seed keyword or phrase
  • Compare the results in terms of Average CPC, volume of local searches, and the level of advertiser competition; i.e. low, medium, high.


How to use it? LTP Tutorials

On Long Tail Pro official website you can find following list of video tutorials to help you get started with Long Tail Pro & Long Tail Pro Platinum. Here’s the list.

  • How to Install Long Tail Pro
  • How to Setup a New Campaign
  • How to Use the “Include” and “Exclude” Keywords Feature
  • How to Use “Fetch Additional Data” (Global Search Volume, Domains, and Title Competition)
  • How to Use Filters and Set Default Campaign Settings
  • Understanding the Keyword Results Screen
  • How to Use the Competitor Analysis
  • How to Find Low Competition Keywords with the Competitor Analysis
  • How to Use the Rank Checker

Long Tail Pro Platinum (Only available with this package):

The Following video tutorials are only for those who have ordered a platinum package of LTP software.

  • How to Import up to 10,000 Keywords at Once
  • How to Save and Use Favorites
  • How to Use “Avg. KC” on Keyword Results
  • Understanding the Average Keyword Competitiveness Number

All of these video tutorials are easy to understand and however you’ll also receive a user manual in the form of PDF which is well worth reading.

The Pros of LTP


Everyone would like to pay for a software that is fast and saves the valuable time.

Many SEO and Keyword Research tools out there are slow at their performance. While LTP  is efficient and out performs other SEO and Keyword Research tools.


Good Customer support.


This awesome keyword research software is not only faster but it is also simple to use that any newbie can use it easily.

The Cons of LTP

Monthly Subscription

You can get the basic version of Long Tail Pro for around $97 in which you cannot:

  1. Calculate keyword competitiveness
  2. Save favorites
  3. Import lists of keywords
  4. Create custom calculations

While in order to use the LTP to it’s full extent with the above given features you need to pay a monthly subscription along with the one time fee for Platinum version of LTP.

How much does this software costs?

Below is the snapshot of Long Tail Pro pricing. Check what suites your needs and order one.

Long Tail Pro & Long Tail Pro Platinum Pricing

Click to enlarge

 Over to you

So what are your thoughts on this amazing keyword research software. What you have achieved using LTP? Share your views on this software and I would love to listen you in below comments. SO what are you waiting for speak your mind.

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