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Flodesk Honest Review
Review of: Flodesk
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Akshay Joshi

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On April 24, 2020
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So, when I discovered Flodesk , I instantly fell in love with the new features it has, and dig deeper. If you’re looking for an email marketing solution like Flodesk, keep reading for my honest review about this amazing company.

Is email marketing dead? is email marketing expensive? is email marketing still effective in 2020? am I going to make money with email marketing?

If you are still asking above questions and haven’t started email marketing yet then trust me you are leaving a lot of money on the table and losing subscribers day by day.

I know you can easily get overwhelmed with hundreds of email marketing solutions out there. I have used and tested almost all of them but some of them lack unlimited subscribers, or visual interface or affordable pricing or email delivery rate.

But then I heard whispers of this brand new email marketing automation tool on Facebook groups as you can see below, I was a bit hesitant to try it. But as I was looking for a new email marketing solution I gave it a shot and signed up.

The sign up flow is so amazing and simple that I just fell in love with the process. It does not ask you for a credit card or any other annoying details.

Soon after I realised how dumb I am to waste so much money on these expensive tools which were not always user-friendly. As a blogger and an entrepreneur, I was in search for an affordable email marketing program that’s not just user friendly but also functions well.

So, when I discovered Flodesk , I instantly fell in love with the new features it has, and dig deeper. If you’re looking for an email marketing solution like this, keep reading for my honest review about this amazing company, what they do well, what they can work on, their pricing and basically everything you need to know! Are they worth the switch? Or should you stick with your current expensive service?

So here’s my honest Flodesk Review…

So what exactly is this amazing email marketing tool and why everyone is loving it? As I told you I’ve been in search for an affordable but functional email marketing solution that does not limit me on number of subscribers I can have.

It is the new email marking platform on the market. The two ladies behind the brand are Martha and Rebecca, and they are taking email marketing to a new level right now.

Stunning templates your subscribers will love

Flodesk is what everyone like me has been waiting for; it brings both practically and versatility when it comes to email marketing. The templates look amazing on both mobile and desktop. The platform has all the same bells and whistles but without the clutter. Not only that, but it feels cleaner, less distracting and a lot less scary.

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What are the Flodesk features and why everyone is in love with it?

Most email marketing software lets you customize emails to match your branding: you can upload your logo, use a font that matches and set custom colors for text, backgrounds, and buttons etc.

That being said, the customization options are limited in most email marketing software (unless you are good with the code). The end result is an email campaign that feels corporate and a little dated.

That’s what really sets Flodesk apart.

Their email template designs and layout blocks are fresh and unique, looks modern, stylish, and are highly customizable.

  • Choose from several different image block layouts, not just image on the left or right.
  • Overlay text on the images right in the platform (without having to open up Illustrator or Canva and create a custom graphic for your campaign).
  • Use script fonts for headings, design details, or signatures. They’re embedded in the program to ensure that they’ll show up in all inboxes.
  • Customize line-height and line-spacing for every snippet of text you use. This is a game-changer! Now I can match the fonts and the spacing to my branding.
flodesk review

These features allow me to create email campaigns that match the look and feel of my brand. It feels authentic, fresh, and simple.

  • unlimited emails/month
  • unlimited emails/hour
  • unlimited subscribers
  • segment-based
  • $19/month (with referral)
  • free 30-day trial
  • intuitive email builder
  • mobile optimization
  • custom opt-in forms
  • beautiful layout options
  • automated workflows
  • Instagram feed integration
  • embedded script fonts
  • line-spacing and letter-spacing options
  • image overlay capability
  • analytics + workflows written in easy-to-understand language

Here’s my short video review about Flodesk

Flodesk Honest Review

So what do you think? Post your comments below if you think Flodesk is going to change the email marketing game.

If you have purchased Flodesk subscription using my affiliate link, please contact me and I’ll send you some surprise BONUSES.

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